Heavy Duty Black Weightlifting Claws

Heavy Duty Black Weightlifting Claws

Heavy Duty Black Weightlifting Claws

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Physiology:Strength, Power, Support
Exercises:Enhances a wide variety of Pulling and Lifting Exercises e.g. Shrugs, Deadlifts etc.
Results:Increased; Muscle Mass, Strength, Power and Definition
Product Spec
  • Immediately Start To Increase Your Strength + Protect your Hands


  • Transfers The Weight to The Primary Working Muscles - **BEST DESIGN ON MARKET**


  • Notice Better Results, More Toned Muscle and Extra Strength


  • Ideal for Deadlifts, Rows, Shrugs and most other Pulling exercises


  • Very Robust | Engineered using Tampered Steel + Heavy Padding + Industrial Nylon Webbing


  • Perfect for barbell & Dumbbell engagement 


Product Summary

FrontRunner Fitness Heavy Duty Black Weightlifting Claws, allow serious lifters to increase their intensity and in doing so experience faster and more intense gains. You will benefit from -) Added Adjustable Wrist Support -) **Unbelievable** Increased Lift Ability -) Quick Gage Velcro Secure Fastening. Remember these are - Solid Steel Hooks Coated with a Non-Slip Rubber Material.


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