Pink Padded Weightlifting Straps

Pink Padded Weightlifting Straps

Pink Padded Weightlifting Straps

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Physiology:Strength, Power, Support
Exercises:Enhances a wide variety of Pulling and Lifting Exercises e.g. Shrugs, Deadlifts etc.
Results:Increased; Muscle Mass, Strength, Power and Definition
Product Spec
  • Men's Padded Weightlifting Straps


  • Instantly Improve Your Grip and Increase your Lifts


  • Industrial Grade Nylon for Robust Longlasting Application


  • 5mm Neoprene Padded Wrist Lining for Greater Comfort Throughout the Heaviest Lifts


  • Coated to Allow No Hassle Fastening of Strap around your Bar


Product Summary

The FrontRunner Fitness Padded Lifting Strap is a cleverly designed strap to help secure the user's grip during most pulling exercises. Manufactured using a thick industrial grade nylon, and with nylon welds either side, the FrontRunner Fitness padded lifting straps are made to last. We've incorporated a thick premium padding on the inner lining of our lifting straps, to help prevent the strap from digging into the top of the hand during heavier lifts. The FrontRunner Fitness Padded Lifting Straps, are deliberately cut shorter than other straps so that you can securely engage with your barbell using 2 strap rotations of the bar, this saves time and helps keep things locked in place.

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