Premium Elastic Wrist Straps

Premium Elastic Wrist Straps

Premium Elastic Wrist Straps

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Physiology:Supports Strength Training and Weight Lifting
Exercises:All Exercises
Results:Reduced Inflammation, Greater Support and Strain Reduction

Product Spec

  • Engineered Using a Hybrid Textile to Provide Comfort and Comprehensive Support


  • Tapered Design that Reduces Inflammation and Pain through Exercise + Offers Restriction Free Movement


  • Wider than other Wrist Straps to Ensure Coverage across Entire Wrist Joint up onto the Lower Hand


  • Longer than other Wrist Straps that allows Full Range of Adjustability, that Fastens Securely via Premium Velcro Attachment


  • Added Thump Loop to Allow Quick Unfasten in between Sets; Essential for Optimum Blood Flow and Energy Feedback


Product Summary

FrontRunner Fitness Elastic Wrist Straps are manufactured using a hybrid cotton and elastane material blend, making our Elastic Wrist Straps some of most comfortable on the market. The straps themselves are uniquely cut using a broad to narrow run, helping to direct and focus stability to the required area of the wrist. With an industrial strength, velcro latching system, our Elastic Wrist Straps are a 1 size fits all, and will not loosen their ability to fasten securely. The ends of our Elastic Wrist Straps incorporate a nylon weld, ensuring no fraying over time or during a wash. With the added comfortable thumb loop latch, you are able to loosen your straps between sets without taking off your wrists completely. The FrontRunner Fitness Elastic Wrist Straps helps reduce oscillation, inflammation and wrist pain during your workouts.

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