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Welcome to our website. If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD relationship with you in relation to this website. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our website.

The term FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD. or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the website. Our company registration number is NI612248 and registration is in N. Ireland United Kingdom. The term ‘you’ refers to the user or viewer of our website.


These General Terms and Conditions apply to all offers and agreements relating to the sale and delivery of products by FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD. When you order anything at our website ‘www.frontrunner-fitness.co.uk or www.frontrunner-fitness.com and/or any web page directly connected to it (‘website’) or accept an offer from FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD this means that you accept the applicability of these General Terms and Conditions. It is only possible to deviate from these General Terms and Conditions if agreed in writing by FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD.


The offers on the website are without obligation and do not bind FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD. FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD is likewise not bound by manifest clerical errors and mistakes in promotional descriptions and other statements in the offer and on the website. Minor colour and other variations in products are possible as a result of different image acquisition and display technologies. FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD is not liable to you for these variations and deviations.

The stated prices include VAT. FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD reserves the right to make price and product changes.

FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD sometimes charges shipping costs. The shipping costs vary for each product and are further detailed under the heading ‘Shipping Costs’ on this site.

If the order is processed via an Internet terminal in an FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD Retail Store, FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD will assume responsibility for the shipping costs and any customs duties and clearance charges.


Orders you place via the website for the products offered by FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD through the website are only an offer to conclude a sales contract. The sales contract is only concluded upon the confirmation by FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD of the order by e-mail to the Customer. Until this happens, you can still cancel the agreement.

You warrant that the information you provide to FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD in the request or order is accurate and complete. FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD is never obliged to accept an offer. FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD is entitled at all times to verify an order in advance or to refuse an order without providing reasons. If FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD does not confirm your order within ten working days, it is deemed to have been refused.


FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD only accepts orders for products that are manufactured or adapted on the basis of your stated specifications, e.g. myFrontrunner, etc., if the following conditions are met:

  • the personalised products include no content that have implications under criminal law, are not defamatory and/or discriminating and/or pornographic and/or otherwise contrary to public order and/or public morality;
  • the personalised products do not infringe any intellectual property or other rights of third parties or violate the privacy of third parties;
  • you waive your personality rights towards FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD insofar as this is permitted by law;
  • you warrant that conditions 1-3 have been met.

If it turns out after entering into the agreement that one or more of the aforementioned conditions have not been met, FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD will not be obliged to perform the agreement, but will be entitled to claim compensation equal to the value of the goods.


FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD will deliver to the address indicated by you within the UK.

FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD is entitled, insofar as reasonably possible, to make partial deliveries so that you receive the ordered products as soon as possible. There are no additional costs associated with such partial deliveries. However, in the event that the Customer requests that FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD deliver the order in instalments, FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD may charge the Customer for extra delivery costs. Each instalment shall constitute a separate contract. If FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD is late delivering an instalment or one instalment is faulty, that will not entitle the Customer to cancel any other instalment.

Personalised products will be delivered within three to four weeks after receipt of the order, separate from any standard products you may have ordered. FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD aims to deliver standard products within approximately one week, unless another arrangement is clear from the item description.

Delivery periods are indicative and are therefore not regarded as strict deadlines. The mere fact that a delivery period is exceeded does not entitle the customer to compensation. FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD must first be given a notice of default.


If FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD discovers prior to entering into the agreement that it can no longer deliver the ordered products, it may offer you an equivalent product in terms of quality, price and function. You are not obliged to accept the replacement product. You may return it, if you so wish, within 30 days at FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD’ expense (your right of revocation or return obviously remains unaffected).

If FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD discovers after entering into the agreement that it can no longer deliver the ordered products and is not responsible for this situation, it will be entitled to terminate the agreement. FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD will, of course, inform you immediately and reimburse any payments made.


All purchases and orders on ‘www.frontrunner-fitness.co.uk or www.frontrunner-fitness.com may be paid in principle through payment methods specified on the website. FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD conducts an individual credit check for each purchase. Depending on the results of this check, FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD reserves the right to refuse certain methods of payment. FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD also uses affiliate and partner companies to assist in user buyer transactions these include though are not limited to PayPal, Google Checkout, Escrow Payment; FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD is verified by these sites and likewise FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD has verified these companies to provide easy and safe payment options.


All sales are final unless item received is defective. Please email an image of the item to customerservice@frontrunner-fitness.com ; we will respond to you within 24hrs. Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and insurance. Shipping, Handling, and Insurance charges are not refundable. Items returned and found not to be defective will be returned at buyer expense. If a product is returned that FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD believes has been damaged because of an act or omission for which you are to blame, or which is otherwise for your expense and risk, it will be entitled to deduct the decrease in value of the product as a result of this damage from the amount to be repaid to you. You can avoid the obligation to compensate the decrease in value of a product caused by use by not using the product as though it were your property and by refraining as far as reasonably possible from any actions that could negatively affect its value.


You can email FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD at customerservice@frontrunner-fitness.com and we will respond to you with 24 hours and endevour to resolve your issue.


The delivered products will remain the property of FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD until you have paid all amounts owing under any agreement to us in full, including the payment of costs, even of earlier or later deliveries or partial deliveries. You may not sell, dispose of or encumber products before ownership thereof has passed to you.


The customer acknowledges that FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD is and remains the sole and exclusive owner of all trade names, brand names, domain names, patents, copyrights, database rights, registered and unregistered designs and other proprietary trademarks of FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD. The customer will in no event be granted FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD’ proprietary rights.

In particular, the customer shall not register or use FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTDI’ proprietary rights in any manner whatsoever.


United Kingdom, N. Ireland, Wales and Scotland.


FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD draws your attention to the washing and maintenance instructions printed on the labels of the products. FRONTRUNNER FITNESS LTD is not liable for any damage resulting from the incorrect handling of products, including handling contrary to the instructions.