SwiftLoad Explode | Innovative Weighted Dip Belt

SwiftLoad Explode | Innovative Weighted Dip Belt

SwiftLoad Explode | Innovative Weighted Dip Belt

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Physiology:Most Advanced Muscle Hypotrophy Training Aid
Exercises:Drop Sets, Muscle Hypertrophy and Strength Training
Results:Increased Muscle, Strength and Definition in the Shortest Possible Time

Product Spec

  • SwiftLoad Explodes innovative Steel Grasp Enables you to Instantly Grab and add any size Dumbbell, Kettlebell or Plate to your exercises such as dips, squats or pull-ups.


  • Strenght and Size gains are rapidly gained through the continual progression of adding heavier weights to your exercises, through the rapid ability to be able to switch weights thus perform drops-sets instantly.


  • SwiftLoad Explodes Contoured Padded Back Belt, not only provides comfort during exercise, though is designed to  work in coordination with most bodyweight exercises; this allows superior muscle building and toning of areas such as arms, chest, back, legs, calves, thighs, and bums.


  • Speed is a crucial factor when it comes to intensity training; you literally just need to step into SwiftLoad Explode and engage your weight; no chains, tying, or clipping needed.


  • SwiftLoad Explodes comes with downloadable strength and muscle building training guide, which provides you with a knowledgeable headstart and allows you to immediately start sculpting an aesthetically strong body.


Product Summary

FrontRunner Fitness SwiftLoad Explode is a world first Proprietary fitness product.
Designed by exercise physiologist, award-winning technologist, and FrontRunner Fitness CEO John Kelly. Swiftload Explode is an enhancement of the traditional dip belt & chain, though instead of cumbersomely wasting time tieing a chain too weights, Swiftload Explode allows you to instantly grab & release any size weight. This innovation allows developmental advances in overload strength and mass graining drop set training. SwiftLoad Explode is perfect for adding weights to most type of body weight exercises, including squats, calve raises, chest dips, chin ups, pullups and triceps dips. The Belt can even be used in conjunction with lower cable pulls. The speed in which SwiftLoad Explodes facilitates the changes of weight helps keeps training within the muscle building anaerobic remit. The SwiftLoad Explode Innovative Dip Belt is the most proficient weighted belt, for adding weight to your exercises.


As a bonus, you will avail of the knowledge of FrontRunner Fitness CEO, Exercise Physiologist, and SwiftLoad Explode Inventor 'John Kelly', who has created a PDF tutorial that clearly defines each exercise and steps needed to achieve your dream body!

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